miércoles, 29 de noviembre de 2006

My Life's philosophy

When you think that you can't be worst, something worst happens ( Murphy's law). And when destiny (or life or the guy up there messing with us, whatever you call it) can't fuck you more in any way possible, when you have crashed and burned, good things start to happen; so don't surrender when you hit bottom, make a bet at life, even if you're feeling like shit, stand up everyday just to show that nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, can stop you. Be a rebel!!Dare life to a duel! At the end, no matter what happens, smile because you won, because even at the worst of times, even when you didn't felt alive, you were there, you were up and no one could hit you ( you fought till the end).Show life that you can be inmortal! How? Leave a mark in the wolrd, in other people's hearth and then I assure you, you'll never be forgotten and you will truly have KICKED LIFE'S ASS!!

Pd: other things i have learn:

Karma is real! So don't hurt others ( that don't deserve it jaja)

You can't save the world if the world doesn't wants to be saved.

You can always, ALWAYS , stand up after a period of great pain... Only cowards can't .. they prefer to die..

Real friends are those who show us what we worth. They are for you not only in sad times but also in happy times. They tell you things that you don't want to hear but you always realize that they were right and they wanted the best for you.

I learned that sometimes I was a coward and I prefer to live miserable rather than dare to move on, even for my own good.You can't escape from change.... don't fear to feel pain for what you leave behind because you'll regret your whole life if you don't move on.

I learn that everyone has a mask that covers their pain and missery, their loneliness, and when someone shows you their real face you must be really gratefull because this person its opening its soul just for you.

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